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I stayed the night at my best friend Joel’s house a few months ago, he talked me into just sleeping in his bed instead of the hard floor. When I woke up and he was spooning me, I was going to move to the floor until I realized his arm was wrapped around me. When I tried to move I felt something hard poking against me, I kinda started to freak out but surprisingly those feelings turned into something else and I was so confused at what I did next. I started pushing against it. All of he sudden he pulled me toward him and started kissing me. The more I told myself I’m not gay, the more I got into the kiss. That kiss turned into so much more. We sleep together every weekend now and every day I fall deeper and deeper in love with him. We have finally decided that we have to break up with our girlfriends. It’s not fair to them or us. Today he asked me to be his boyfriend and I said yes. I would spend every night in his arms if I could. That’s how we fell in LOVE!
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